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Marco_De_Veglia_official_smallIf you found this page, it means you have been invited to access the Make Your Brand course as a complimentary gift from me, Marco De Veglia.

The reason I invited you is this:

I value your feedback on this course and so I ask you to register here – and in the next page – use the course and write me your testimonial on the course, if you like.

The course is the full version that I will sell, so you have the complete course at your disposal. Feel free to give me any feedback you think is right in your testimonial.

Here are some testimonials from users of the course:

I’ve read just about every relevant resource on branding there is and this is one of the cleanest and quickest I’ve come across.

If you want to not only understand branding, but *use* it quickly, it would be hard to find better place to start.

Mark Joyner
Founder and CEO

This course is simple and strong. It will be a great help for someone who need brand positioning knowledge but do not have time to read all 18 books from Trout and Ries. All in all, this course is an outstanding resource for marketing fellows.

Ge Zhuangfei
Project Manager at Ufrate

I started as entrepreneur not in the easiest way, after 25 years consultancy as IT specialist, with a single main contractor. Then I discovered the value of sales development and that companies needed a help on this front for their export.

Yet, even if I studied a lot to do better and better, I was missing a concrete strategy.
This Training from Marco De Veglia opened my eyes to a new world, I was perceiving, but not yet discovered.

Now I focused my mission, my target and what makes me different from my competitors.
Lot of work to do, but now I feel as I can drive my business with a strategy that is my bright star.

Marco Piva
Founder at PMI-Service di Marco Piva
Team Coordinator ItalyBureau Alliance

I totally agree that it’s a very handy and useful course to grasp key concepts of brand positioning and get started to develop your own positioning statement.

The course materials are highly condensed and easy to understand, which are particularly useful for small business owners / entrepreneurs or for those who do not have a proper branding training before.

The course could easily be circulated and communicated among members of the company so that everyone could have an unanimous understanding of the company’s brand values and positioning. It provides a very cost effective channel for internal training and development.

Alice Tse
Global CEM

Without a strong brand behind your business, you have nothing. Marco delivers this concise course with his usual wit and wisdom. Outlining common and easily made mistakes that can destroy even the best efforts of a savvy business owner.

If you own any type of enterprise that needs to stand out in a crowed market, Marco just did you a huge favor. And better yet, he may have just saved the shirt on your back.

Ross Hansford Bowring
Hero Video

While we work esclusively on digital media, an effective Brand Positioning is key in our sector as well.

I have used this course as an effective training to help them develop effective creative ideas with a strong brand positioning strategic foundation. Easy and effective, I recommend it.

Nick Landucci
Creative Director NIQI Shanghai

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